Weapons available for you to achieve your objective

Guns & Gear

A whole host of guns and gear are utilised during a game of Battlefield LIVE to make your experience as realistic and action-packed as possible.


Modelled on the Sub Machine Gun and machine pistol weapon class, the Spitfire is a compact and robust short/medium range gun. Smaller and lighter than a Commando makes it great for CQB (Close Quarters Battles).

2.3kg – 42cm Long – Integrated Red Dot Scope – 120m Max Range – Combat or Futuristic Settings


Modelled on the Special Compact (SC) class of weapon, the Scorpion provides sure-fire shooting with a double grip. Our lightest gun ideal for fast action and CQB (Close Quarters Combat).

2.2kg – 38cm Long – Integrated Red Dot Scope – 120m Max Range – Combat or Futuristic Settings


Modelled on the Bullpup Rifle design the Commando offers a great combination between compact design, long range and huge firepower. Well balanced and stable on the move or firing from cover.

3.5kg – 53cm Long – Integrated Red Dot Scope – Adjustable Stock – Weaver Torch Rail – 170m Max Range – Combat or Futuristic Settings

Sniper Rifle

The Morita Sniper Rifle is in the Designated Marksman (DM) class of weapon in the Battlefield Combat range. Its telescopic lens makes it possible to use its extra long range and deadly capabilities.

4.3kg – 88cm Long – 3-9×40 Scope – 220m Max Range – Combat or Futuristic Settings

Medical Boxes

Medical Boxes add to the gaming experience by allowing re-spawns and extra ammunition during games.

Press the red button to respawn yourself back into the Battlefield LIVE arena. Press the black button to restock your ammunition if you run out during your game.

Claymore Mines

Claymore Mines may be used by your team during the session, armed and positioned to devastate the opposition.

The Claymore Mine can be used for multiple missions such as acting as a domination timer in the Domination game or as an enemy mine in Base Assault, where the opposing team must find the enemy mine and blow it up to win!


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