Digital Combat games in The New Forest

Welcome to Battlefield LIVE New Forest

Battlefield LIVE is a digital combat game experience, utilising outdoor environments and the latest in infra-red gaming gun technologies. Choose your weapon, discuss your tactics, aim down the red-dot sight and take out your opponents! Described as a cross between a grown-up laser tag and pain-free paintball, teams play a number of different scenarios during their time with us.

Battlefield LIVE is a team activity, with different sessions for children and adults. At busy times we do offer some places for families and individual bookings. We are based in Moors Valley Country Park but also offer a mobile serivce for those who have the space. 


From Base Assault and Domination to Capture the Flag and more, there are a variety of different missions and scenarios available during gameplay. Your instructor will usually select the ones most age appropriate for your group/session. Missions are all encompassing, making your team feel like a fully trained unit as you dominate the battlefield together.

Guns & Gear

Battlefield LIVE New Forest is an authentic combat experience using very sophisticated gaming guns. All the guns are capable of accuracy up to one hundred metres. Unlike paint-balling you won’t spend money on your ammo.

Battlefield combat games use Small Arms Transmitter Receiver (SATR) technology to provide real-time feedback of hits and accuracy, a loud soundtrack to all the action brings the battle closer than ever!

Who can play?

We offer Battlefield LIVE sessions for a variety of different groups. We run open sessions for families, couples and groups to book on to during busy weekends and school holidays. As well as this we also offer a host of Battlefield LIVE parties and corporate team building events.


Come dressed for the weather conditions on the day of your activity.


All activities are guided by our experienced instructors.


Under 18's

Under 18’s need written parental consent before they can take part in an activity.

Get in Touch

Got a question? Get in touch with our booking office and we’ll be happy to help.