Welcome to Battlefield LIVE New Forest

An exciting new adventure awaits for groups and individuals! Players get access to sophisticated gaming guns, with red dot or optical sights.

What is Battlefield?

Battlefield LIVE New Forest is an authentic combat experience using very sophisticated gaming guns. All the guns are capable of accuracy up to one hundred metres. Unlike paintballing you won’t spend money on your ammo.

Battlefield combat games use Small Arms Transmitter Receiver (SATR) technology to provide real-time feedback of hits and accuracy, a loud soundtrack to all the action brings the battle closer than ever!

Whats involved?

Combat Games are a mix of open play and scenarios that blend strategy and energy in team challenges, making the most of the equipment features.

Missions give teams options and objectives and the chance to deploy their skills effectively.

Players don’t ‘sit out’ missions when their gun deactivates, they become squad reinforcements and head back to the frontline.

Does it hurt?

No. The gaming guns use Infra-Red (I/R) lightbeams that don’t leave a mess or a painful bruise.

Games don’t use physical projectiles so a shot is not affected by the wind and you aren’t weighed down by safety equipment.

It’s not paintballing so you don’t leave with nasty bruises.

Tips For Your Trip


Come dressed for the weather conditions on the day of your activity



All activities guided by experienced instructors


Under 18's

Under 18’s need written parental consent

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