School Groups

Your youngsters will have time to get to grips with the equipment and a briefing on the safe use of your kit and the ‘Rules of Engagement’. You’ll then be able to play a role straight away in your first training mission!

Gaming guns fire an Infra-Red (I/R) beams so there’s no projectiles and no mess. Each gun is issued with a red dot or scope sight for incredible accuracy.


These are perfect school activities for children which they’ll be talking about for weeks. We adapt games and scenarios, so children of all ages and abilities get their activities pitched at the right level.

Games are won and lost as a team, the group that are able to work and pull together and will come out on top. We will always tailor  activities to your students promoting qualities of leadership and fair play.

What’s Included?

  • Dedicated support for your booking
  • Experienced marshals & great venues
  • Team colours (face paint, webbing or cammo gear)
  • High tech gaming guns and equipment
  • Engaging scenarios and game play
  • Woodland or mobile Battlefields

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